From a young age Ieena Duggal would follow her father, Mac Duggal, around at work and be enthralled by his creations. She would spend endless hours going through Mac Duggal catalogs and magazines and day dream about wearing the beautiful garments. As she got older, her dreams shifted from wearing the gowns to creating them.

Ieena’s first collection debuted in 2015 and was designed for every woman. She loves seeing the spectrum from youthful girls to refined women wearing her designs. Traveling and seeing new places and cultures inspires her designs.  To her, choosing which fabrics, colors and textures to use in executing her designs is equally as rewarding as  viewing the final product.  One philosophy she lives by is to ‘embrace change’.  While her creations stay true to the Mac Duggal standards for quality and luxury, Ieena’s designs have a signature all her own – a mesmerizing blend of edgy modernism and classic sophistication and grace.